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Apartment Building


Building owners and operators are using IoT applications to create new smart-home and smart-office experiences that attract new residents and tenants and help their properties compete. Amenities like smart lighting, environmental controls, and connected security make buildings safer, increasing property values and rents, while reducing operational costs.



Cities can more easily implement a range of citizen-centric quality-of-life solutions ranging from parking location assistance to more efficient trash collection. Cities can monitor air, water and pollution quality to improve public health. 



IoT-enabled Smart Campuses make colleges and universities safer and more efficient, through wayfinding, connected transit and bike shares, and smart parking applications. Connected CCTV, smart lighting and smart locks make everyone on campus safer. 


Hotels can more easily enhance security and convenience for guests through remote key card management and offering smart-home amenities to improve guest satisfaction. Additionally, lock audit trails, canceling or changing key card room access and alerting staff in cases of a forced room entry all build a safer and better guest experience.

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